Blue M Ships Low Oxygen Class A Oven to the Medical Industry

Posted: Jan 17, 2024

Blue M, a global manufacturer of industrial and laboratory ovens, announced the shipment of a Low Oxygen Class A oven to the medical industry for drying parts without oxidation.

Low Oxygen Class A ovens are designed in compliance with NFPA 86 using an inert atmosphere to deprive the process of atmospheric oxygen that would be necessary for combustion. An oxygen analyzer is used to supervise an initial purge cycle, and inert gas is used to drive the oxygen concentration down to a non-flammable level known as the limiting oxidant concentration level (LOC). If, for any reason, the control system cannot hold the oxygen concentration below the LOC, then the heat is de-energized, and the cycle is aborted.

This Low Oxygen Class A oven has a temperature range of 15°C above ambient to 593°C and interior chamber dimensions of 48" W x 24" D x 36" H. The chamber is constructed with reinforced type 304 stainless steel. All seams and entrance ports are welded gas-tight to maintain a low oxygen atmosphere and minimize inert gas leakage.

The inert atmosphere design features flow meters, a pressure relief valve, a chamber pressure gauge, and a purge system. The unit will maintain a slight positive pressure during the entire process cycle, and the throat of the chamber door plug will be purged with inert gas to prevent oxygen infiltration from around the door gasket. A purge flowmeter allows for gas purge rate adjustments, and a water-cooled door jacket around the oven doorframe protects the door gasket from ultra-high temperatures.

The oven temperature and processing are controlled by a Watlow F4T temperature process controller that provides advanced control capabilities. This controller features a high resolution, color touchscreen, graphical interface with an adaptive control algorithm and includes 40 ramp and soak profiles, Ethernet connectivity, and data logging. The oven is also designed with safety features to protect operators and product loads during process cycles. An electro-mechanical door lock prevents the door from being opened during processing which protects product loads from being damaged from accidental disruption and prevents the release of a flammable atmosphere into an area where it could reach ignition sources. An airflow switch is also provided to shut off the heating elements in the event of a blower system failure. 

“This oven meets Class A specifications and is designed with an inert atmosphere to prevent oxidation of the parts during the drying process. Blue M’s Low Oxygen Class A ovens provide a high degree of safety, the ability to process an unlimited quantity of solvent, and a low process gas flow rate which makes solvent recovery an attractive option for these ovens.”

– Jonathan Young, Blue M Product Manager

Unique features of this Blue M LOC Class A oven include:

  • Inert gas system to prevent oxidation of parts
  • Purge flowmeter for gas purge rate adjustments
  • Water-cooled door jacket protects gasket from high temperatures
  • LN2 injection cooling system
  • Watlow F4T temperature controller for advanced control capabilities
  • Airflow switch shuts off heating elements if blower system fails
  • Over temperature protection
  • Swivel casters with leveling feet




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