Blue M Ships One Stacked Mechanical Convection Oven to the Semiconductor Industry

Posted: Jun 16, 2022

Thermal Product Solutions, a global manufacturer of thermal processing equipment, announced the shipment of a Blue M Stacked Mechanical Convection Oven to the semiconductor industry. The oven will be used for non-hazardous curing applications up to 350°C.

The temperature range of this oven is between 15°C and 350°C. It has interior chamber dimensions of 25” W x 20” D x 20” H and exterior dimensions of 63.77” W x 35.27” D x 90” H. The oven is constructed from all-welded heavy-gauge, reinforced stainless steel for maximum heat and corrosion resistance. The seams and ports have been welded gas-tight to reduce inert gas leakage while maintaining an oxygen free atmosphere.

This Blue M Stacked Mechanical Convection Oven has a horizontal process air circulation system that ensures uniform heat distribution throughout the oven chamber.   

“The application for this oven is similar to another provided to this customer. We were prepared to meet their exacting requirements with this stacked mechanical convection oven. There are certain features present that were also on the previous oven: the customer requested a special flow meter in lieu of the standard as well as five (5) type K thermocouples wired to a TC jack panel. We are happy to provide customers with custom solutions to make their work easier.”

– Jonathan Young, Blue M Product Manager

Unique features of this Blue M Stacked Oven include:

  • A cooling coil operation to cool the oven.
  • Tap water cooling system for rapid cool down
  • Industrial grade door switch
  • Programable controller
  • Ball-bearing hinges on the door to minimize fume leakage
  • Direct drive ball bearing motor with a balanced stainless steel multi-bladed blower wheel
  • Automatic airflow switch
  • High chamber purge cycle




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