Thermal Product Solutions Ships One Blue M Batch Oven to a Semiconductor Manufacturer

Posted: Sep 13, 2019

Thermal Product Solutions, a global manufacturer of thermal-processing equipment, announced the planned shipment of a Blue M Batch Oven to a semiconductor manufacturing company.

This Blue M batch oven has a designated temperature range of 15°C above ambient to 316°C. The interior of the work chamber itself has dimensions of 36 W x 36 D x 48 H. This batch oven will assist in both curing of adhesive material on circuit boards and accommodating tight processing specifications. The tip-resistant shelves enable ease of unloading without risk of tipping, while high power is used for fast heat-up to desired temperatures.

The Blue M curing oven is capable of degree of temperature control due to the high-volume horizontal air recirculation system and electric heating system allowing for maximum temperature uniformity in its overall performance. The horizontal air movement from right to left maximizes heating rates within the oven chamber.

“Industrial Batch Ovens like the ones at Blue M have been meeting a variety of test and production applications for years. Their reliability and brilliant performance have made them the choice of many industries.” –  Gary Ingbretson, Blue M Sales Representative

Unique Features of this Blue M batch oven include:

  • Nichrome wire heater elements for durability
  • Centrifugal type blower wheel for efficient air flow through the system
  • Horizontal, one-pass air flow
  • Profiling or single set point controls
  • Direct drive blower
  • Manually adjustable intake/exhaust system for ease of balancing
  • Enclosed wiring to meet National Electric Code (NEC) for safe operation
  • Stainless steel-reinforced Type 304 interior
  • Fiberglass insulation - 4 full inches minimize heat loss



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