Industrial and Lab Oven Aftermarket Services

As a division of Thermal Product Solutions (TPS), Blue M is proud to offer the TPS MAX Program!

Eliminate the red tape and get your equipment back into operation with the TPS MAX Program! The TPS MAX Program allows the customer to purchase future service and/or parts without the need to have a purchase order approved and released when parts or service of any kind is needed.  These funds are then available to be used on any parts or service items at any time in the future, which will save you and your company valuable downtime. Enrollment also entitles the customer to the many other advantages listed below. Enrollment into the TPS MAX Program can be initiated with a minimum purchase of $5,000.00. Any amount above $5,000.00 will be accepted. Funds do not expire.

The following items are included with the Max Program:

  • No overtime charges will be billed for work or travel performed Monday through Friday
  • 10% Off Service Labor (Including: Training, Installation, Preventive Maintenance)
  • 10% Off Travel Time
  • 10% Off Calibration
  • 10% Off Parts
  • 10% Off Ground Shipping on Parts
  • 10% Off Mileage

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