Industrial and Lab Oven Retrofits

Do you have an industrial or lab oven that has served reliably for years, but the process has changed? Blue M offers upgrades and retrofits for all of our equipment. Frequently, the cost of upgrading the equipment with modern controls and systems is far less than the cost of purchasing and installing a new unit.

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Industrial Oven and Lab Oven Retrofits and Upgrades:

Instrument Upgrades - Upgrades of existing Temperature Control Systems to state of the art Microprocessor based, programmable controls.

PLC Touch Screen Control - Upgrades of existing Control panels to Touch Screen/PLC based controls including Temperature and automated process systems. PLC controls allow greater flexibility in future upgrades and eliminate many of the relays and timers typically required with older style PID controls. Pharmaceutical systems, in particular are ideal candidates for a PLC upgrade.

Equipment Upgrade - Existing equipment can be modified to meet specifications that were not required when the chamber was purchased, i.e. Increased temperature operating range, increased exhaust capability and safety venting equipment to handle volitates.


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