Blue M offers a variety of controller options for industrial and laboratory ovens. The controllers offer a range of features to meet your temperature control and recording needs. Options include non-profiling temperature control, over temperature control, profiling temperature control and data logging. Contact us for more information on any of the controller choices below.

Black control box with red, green, and grey buttons

Main Temperature Controller – Watlow EZ-Zone PID

Temperature conditions are controlled by the standard Watlow EZ-Zone PM (PID) Controller. This is a single channel 1/4 DIN non-profiling (single setpoint) type controller that features PID control for your heating process. A Type J thermocouple is used for temperature measurement.

The menu system is fully programmable with simple parameter set up configurations. Auto Tune is provided for fast, efficient start-ups. Data communications are not provided as standard with this controller.

EZ-Zone® configurator software is provided on a CD so that you can set up your controller from your computer in one simple process. EZ-Zone configurator can be used for on-line and off-line configuration and downloading previously saved setups. The Watlow standard bus communications is provided for the EZ-Zone configurator software only.

Black control box with red, green, and grey buttons

Overtemperature Controller – Watlow EZ-Zone PM

A Watlow EZ-Zone PM Limit Controller (OTP) is provided as standard. This is a 1/16 DIN controller used for overtemperature protection. The protection circuitry will shut down the heat control system when a high temperature heat limit is detected. Audible and/or visual alarms will be activated. The high limit is normally set at approximately 10° C (or 20° F) higher than the maximum rated oven temperature.

This controller can be programmed with Watlow EZ_Zone configurator software, Watlow Composer software or Watlow EZ-Link software via Bluetooth.

Normal Conditions:

When conditions are within the alarm setpoints, the upper display of the EZ-Zone will indicate the process temperature (normally in degrees Celsius), and the lower display will indicate “SAFE”. OTP Output 2 contacts will close to energize one or more OTP Contactors, which will enable power to the electric heaters.

Black digital thermostat

Watlow F4T Temperature Controller

The Watlow F4T is a highly versatile profiling type controller with a 4.3 inch color touch panel and a high-resolution graphical user-interface. The F4T includes 1 to 4 control loops with up to 40 profiles for ramp and soak. Inputs and outputs are expandable from 1 to 36. A modular design offers numerous types of field pluggable modules for maximum flexibility. Many data communications options are available including Ethernet Modbus TCP and SCPI, and EIA-232/485 Modbus RTU. Up to two high-speed USB host ports are available.

A Type J thermocouple is used for temperature measurement. Heat control is achieved using a PID control output, which energizes two solid state relays to proportion power to the electric heaters.

This controller is programmed with Watlow Composer software.

Silver thermostat with black screen and white and blue buttons

Yokogawa UP55A Temperature Controller

Temperature conditions are controlled by a Yokogawa Model UP55A Controller. The UP55A is a profiling type 1/4 DIN single channel controller featuring 30 profiles with up to 300 linkable segments. Eight digital inputs with eight digital outputs are standard. A 14-Segment Large Active Color LCD Display features color change of the process value as a function of alarm status or deviation status.

A Type J thermocouple is used for temperature measurement. Time proportioned heat control provides precise control of your heating process. Event outputs of the controller may be used to activate the end of cycle (cooling) and shut down temperature procedures.

Yokogawa’s Ladder Sequencing Function is included as standard. Yokogawa’s optional LL50A Parameters Setting Software may be employed for enhanced parameter setup, ladder program setup, and network profile creation.

Data communications (optional) may include Ethernet (Modbus / TCP), RS-485 (Modbus / RTU, Peer to Peer, Coordinated Operation, PC-Link), and Open Network (Profibus-DP, CC-Link, DeviceNet).

Black digital thermostat

VersaTenn V / Synergy Nano Series

The Synergy Nano 2 controller is a four channel 1/4 DIN process controller and fully functional data logger supporting all controller process inputs and control variables. Designed to take complete command of the chamber’s conditioning systems, its algorithms automatically select heating/cooling modes as required, and totally control programming of temperature, vibration, altitude and humidity versus time. It moreover allows users to program up to nine custom event outputs for special applications and optional features.

Process inputs include RTD, thermocouples, voltage, current and up to 64 optional T-Type Thermocouples. Boosting the Microsoft Windows™ Embedded Compact 7 operating system, this controller offers RS-232, Ethernet and GPIB communications capabilities for built in remote control/monitoring, chart printing, email alerts, and cloud data storage. NVIDIA processor and WEC 7 operating system updates in the second-generation Synergy Nano 2 Controller make the system very responsive and provide the computing resources to support current and future features and functionality like Cloud connectivity, TPM, and Internet based remote control.


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