Ergonomic Options

Blue M offers several ergonomic options for industrial and laboratory ovens. These options improve the ease of use of the equipment for the operator and include shelves, floor stands, lights, access doors and more. Contact us for more information on any of the ergonomic options listed below.

Stainless Steel Slotted Shelves

Heavy gauge type 304 stainless steel slotted construction offers excellent resistance to high-temperature operation in a corrosive atmosphere.

Nickel Plated Wire Rod Shelves

Wire rod shelves constructed of steel and plated with nickel to prevent corrosion.

Floor Stand

A heavily constructed cabinet type floor stand with a front door for suggested storage of oven accessory items and/or customer application materials. A durable powder coat finish is applied to match the oven.

Swivel Casters with Leveling Feet

These casters have a die-cast aluminum frame with a steel swivel head, internal leveling mechanism and dial with rubber footpad. The cast aluminum frame is powder coated in an ivory hue, and the wheels are ultra-strong, non-marking nylon. A leveling pad lifts the wheel off the ground to hold the oven in place.

Interior Light

An interior work light located in the rear wall of the oven provides easy viewing of the work space. The light is operated by a toggle switch on the oven console.

Rear Access Door

A rear access door(s) may be installed. The rear door hinge is configured to be on the same side as the front door hinge (e.g. if front door is right hand hinge, rear door is right hand hinge when facing the front of the oven), unless otherwise specified.

Lead-in Port with Cover

Ports of various sizes may be installed on the oven. The standard location is on the back wall of the oven but they may be moved elsewhere to accommodate specific needs.

Roll-in Rack Cart

The rack is constructed of heavy gauge, stainless steel with high temperature, heavy-duty casters provided. It requires companion shelves to fit roll-in rack. Shelf support angles are welded in on four inch centers.

Glass Observation Port

A glass observation port may be installed on the oven door to provide visibility inside the oven working chamber.

Telescopic Shelf Slides

Telescopic shelf slides may be mounted to each shelf. When mounted, the operator will be able to pull the shelf out beyond the front face of the oven. This system can be designed to accommodate various pull-out distances. The maximum temperature for this option is 600°F.


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