Process Control / Electrical Options

Blue M offers a variety of process control and electrical options for their industrial and laboratory ovens. These options include timers, recorders, alarms and more. Contact us for more information on any of the options listed below.

Timer (Time of Day)

The digital timer (7 day or 24 hour timing) provides the capability to enable or disable the process cycle automatically under the control of the timer itself. The timer may be programmed to enable/disable the process cycle automatically at specified times, at the same time daily or on different days over a 7 day period.

Timer (End of Process)

The single setpoint controller establishes the temperature setpoint. The digital timer enables the oven to be used for a simple, timed, thermal process which requires precise settings or long cycle settings. Once at setpoint, the operator presses start, a timing light will illuminate and the oven holds the setpoint for the duration of the time set by the timer. A reset button is provided to reset the system for the next cycle.

The timer is adjustable up to 9,999 hours.

NOTE: When the timer times out, the circulation blower and heater shut-off at temperature. On the high temperature CW and IGF models only the heater is shut off, the circulation blower continues to operate.

Product Load Control

This system offers an advantage over "traditional" temperature control by conditioning air temperature in conjunction with product temperature. The controller raises the air temperature (with preset limits) to above set point, driving your product toward the desired temperature as fast as possible. As the product approaches the set point, the air temperature will drop to provide near zero product temperature overshoot. Cascade control can, in some circumstances, reduce thermal response time by 50% or more. A load control thermocouple is provided.

Setup of the Watlow control configuration for this feature by the factory is mandatory, and customer process trials upon installation and startup of the oven should be expected as Product Load Control is product load dependent.

NOTE: Product Load Control option requires the Watlow F4 or F4T controller.


A Partlow MRC5000 (circular), Honeywell Truline (circular) or Yokogawa SR-1000 (strip chart) recorder may be provided to record the temperature. Please identify the preferred mounting location at the time of ordering.

Light Tower with Alarm

A light tower with an audible alarm will give a prominent visual and audible display of a running condition (green), an end of process condition (amber), and an alarm condition (red). The horn will only sound in the alarm condition.

Nitrogen Purge System

A flowmeter with stainless steel piping to the inlet of the circulation blower will be provided to purge clean, dry nitrogen into the workspace to minimize the buildup of moisture during the heating process. This option does not provide a true inert atmosphere and does not enable the oven to achieve low O2 ppm levels in the oven work space.

Low N2 Alarm

A Nitrogen Low Pressure Alarm with an audible and visual indicator and alarm silence switch is installed. An alarm will alert the operator, indicating low inlet pressure at the supply (below 40PSIG). The pressure switch will remove power to the oven heaters in the event of a loss of inlet pressure at the N2 supply line.

Trace Oxygen Transmitter

The trace oxygen transmitter option is designed for DCC, DCI, or IGF ovens. The Alpha Omega Series 3510 trace oxygen transmitter will use the second channel of the programmable controller to read and display the oxygen level measured inside the chamber. This O2 measurement system will be configured to turn on the chamber's purge system and turn off the heating element once a high O2 PPM condition is detected. The controller will be configured to prevent the start of the heating process until the O2 PPM level reaches the desired setpoint level. An alarm silence switch will be provided for the high O2 alarm. The system includes O2 solenoid valves, which will close and disable the sampling pump when the door is opened and remain off until the completion of the initial purge cycle is completed. The purge system is wired so that it does not turn on the heating elements of the oven during the purge cycle. The Series 3510 trace oxygen transmitter has a single range of 0-500 PPM which includes two manual isolation valves, two AC powered solenoid valves (used to protect the oxygen sensor from exposure to air), high capacity in-line filter, sample pump mounted on the side of the enclosure, and a flow meter.

NOTE: 1) This Trace Oxygen Transmitter Option requires the use of the Watlow F4 or F4T Temperature controller or a 2-channel programmable type of controller.

NOTE: 2) Consult your Thermal Product Solutions Sales representative if your needs are for another range of O2 performance measurement.

Data Logging and Graphical Trend Chart

The controller includes the ability to log critical data. The data log can keep track of any input connected to the controller, if configured. In addition, the channel PV (process variable), set point, controller alarms, PID output, analog inputs, and events can be logged in the storage file. The internal storage is 0.5GB and is expandable through a rear mounted USB port. A Graphical Trend Screen is also included. This screen plots real time data for any input connected to the controller if configured. The PV for each channel can be configured to display. The chart is scalable.

Note: the control thermocouple will be monitored by default. Please let the factory if other inputs are required.

F4T 9-Point T/C Monitor

TPS will supply nine, type-j thermocouples (TC) to be used for monitoring air temperature in the work chamber. The thermocouples will have 15 feet of stainless steel braid, lead wire to enable oven user to position the TC anywhere in the workspace as needed. The typical TC location is in the eight corners positioned at least three inches from any interior surface and one at the center of the chamber. The thermocouples are inserted through one port in the back of the oven then wired to a TC jack panel side mounted box. Additional flex modules are installed to the Watlow F4T. If the datalogging feature is purchased with the Watlow F4T, the controller will datalog the temperature data of these nine thermocouples.

Temperature Deviation Alarm

A temperature deviation alarm can be provided to alert the operator if the process temperature deviates over or under the oven set point. This option includes an audible alarm, visual indicator and an alarm silence switch.

NIST Certificate of Calibration

The certificate of calibration provided by TPS for your records provides NIST temperature or temperature and relative humidity, if applicable for the system, traceability for the equipment as a system, at the specified setpoint. (Calibration Temperature Entered and Unit will be displayed here at the end).

UL508A Certified Control Panel

The control panel will be provided with a UL label for compliance to UL508A standards. This UL label will be applied to the instrument control panel. The Thermal Product Solutions control panel assembly area is UL508A Certified (E177531).

CUL508A Certified Control Panel

The control panel will be provided with a CUL label for compliance to CUL508A standards. This CUL label will be applied to the inside of the instrument control panel. The Thermal Product Solutions control panel assembly area is CUL508A Certified.


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